At Glass City K9, LLC, we offer a lifetime guarantee to help both you and your dog's quality of life.


Proper Leash Etiquette

Ever wonder who is walking who? After your furry friend spends a little time with us, we will make sure you have full control. By the time we are done, you won't even need a leash!

All Ages

Here at Glass City K9, LLC, there is no discrimination against age. We can train dogs of all ages from puppy to senior. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?



Does your furry friend have problems with other people or dogs? Let us help. We can and will get to the bottom of your dog's aggression and begin correcting it right away!

Bad Habits

Unfortunately, most of us have been here before. Leave for work in a hurry and forget to pick up that favorite pair of shoes. The outcome usually isn't pretty. We're here to help so that bad habits like this, never happen again!

Group Classes

Nothing is worse than going to the dog park to have your furry friend forget how to act in public. By introducing dogs to group classes, it allows them to learn appropriate dog behavior. Stay tuned as we announce group classes shortly!


Through basic and advanced obedience training, we want to see our clients proud of their dogs. Our goal is that when you leave, you are proud and excited to show off your dog to all your friends and family!