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Dog Training

Our training for dogs is different from others you might have seen. In fact, we are the only dog training school in the area (to our knowledge) that can train any dog, of any size, age, breed and temperament AND offer a results Guarantee. We are based in Toledo Ohio but we have clients throughout NW OH and SE Michigan who have us train their dogs. Our results may be a big reason why. (Please check out our reviews if you already haven’t done so.)

Our dog training services come in different lengths and solve the problems and concerns that you want to be addressed. We want to know what you want as an end result. So we have a brief “Evaluation” that gives you and us the chance to make sure you and your dog will be happy with the results our other clients and their dogs have been able to achieve. Learn more about our dog training program and how we’re different – you’ll be glad you did.

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Puppy Training

We train dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.  And, “Yes”, we even train puppies! Getting your puppy trained while it’s still young has the advantage of getting it on the right track before bad habits can be formed. And the sooner you get your pup trained properly, the fewer headaches and frustrations YOU will have in the future. A dog is meant to be a source of fun and enjoyment, not frustration. Make it easy on yourself and your young dog and start your puppy off on the right “paw”.

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Dog Obedience Training

Our Dog Training program is very thorough and addresses different parts of training and behavior modification adjustment. Obedience training is one portion of training our dogs. This part of our training focuses on behavioral problems. We find out what problems you as the owner are having and what you would like to get resolved. Obviously, you want (and need) to be able to control your dog. We train your dog and we also show you how to not only control your dog but put you in the position of being able to continue to train your dog on your own, if you choose. The point is, you’re in control and your dog is happy, well-behaved member of your family, able to get along with people and other dogs.

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Dog Boarding

We have two different boarding programs to accommodate all K9s and their owners.

Board and Train – This is designed for dogs that have NOT already been through our Dog Training program. You board your canine with us for a period of two weeks and we put your dog through our training. So you have the comfort of knowing that you’re not just housing your dog in a traditional dog kennel but with experienced, professional dog trainers. Your pooch will have plenty of fun being around other dogs as well as trainers. Plus, your dog will get some amazing training. So when you come back to pick up your dog, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Board and Tune – This boarding program is for dogs that HAVE been through Glass City K9’s training program. Your dog knows our staff and we know your dog. (Consider it as a type of “Homecoming”.) Your dog gets boarded, play time with doggie companions and we give your dog a “tune-up”  of the training it has already gone through. So it’s a refresher, which reinforces what they’ve already learned. Remember going back to school after Summer? The teachers spend some time on review of what you learned before school was out. Similar but combine that with a camping trip with “friends” and that’s close to what the “Board and Tune” is all about.

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What Our Customers Say


Dog Training at Glass City K9 with Phoebe.

Phoebe enjoying the weather during one of her training sessions

I found Glass City K9 on Facebook, contacted David and within 48 hours we had our first consultation. Less than a week later we had our first lesson. By the third lesson (out of six), Phoebe was already a different dog. She was walking well on a leash, responding to commands, and holding a place around other distractions. We finished all the lessons and I couldn't be happier with the dog she is now. Over Thanksgiving, my extended family had nothing but good things to say about her and how well behaved she was! Phoebe was such a mess before David, I never thought I'd be able to take her to public places or even walk her on a leash without her pulling. Now I can take her anywhere and we are even working on off leash walking! I would highly recommend Glass City K9!


A Mastiff mix student in obedience training.

"...She stayed in her place for 10 minutes even with kids running around her! Three weeks ago this would've never happened!!!!" - Joann

David was amazing with my mastiff mix! Before training, my family and I weren't sure how to handle such a headstrong dog. She only knew sit. There is still work to do but she showed so much improvement after 2 sessions! He was always available for questions by phone and he helped me to build my confidence so our family can start to grow a healthy attachment to her! Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you in the future!!



Dog training with Brewin, an Irish Setter for off leash & obedience training.

Brewin remains calm now when he spots a deer

We have had dogs for more than 20 years and Brewin by far is the most stubborn yet. He is now 15 month old Irish Setter who is following commands, walking on a loose leash and fun. He is still a happy, energetic Irish but David's training methods are effective and taught us how to communicate with positive results. Love the results!! Highly recommend Glass city k-9!



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