Dog Obedience Training For Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is a common topic in the dog training world. It could mean the dog has fear issues, aggression issues, separation anxiety, or many other symptoms. No matter what the symptom is, 99.99% is created by the dog’s environment. Dogs are products of the environment they live in and they are creatures of habit. In some rare instances, there are dogs that are wired in a certain way at birth. But for the most part that isn’t the case.


Board And Train In Toledo Ohio

This is Magnus.  He’s in our two-week Board and Train, which is our Dog Training and Boarding program. After training in our facility, we take our doggie trainees outside into the “real world”.  This puts the training into practice. In this video, we are walking through Home Depot.


Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive behavior is one of the worst behavioral problems dogs can have. It’s obvious that this will result in serious injury to anyone around them as well as other pets, and it might even get you fined or have your dog put down if it acts out with aggressive action!


Dog Obedience Training Classes

This video is an actual training class with one of our dogs, Jax, a beautiful Golden Retriever. This is a private class but our student dog is getting some help from some of his canine friends. This type of dog obedience training is to help simulate real-world situations.

Off-Leash Training With Caesar

Off-Leash Training – Learning How To Place

In this video, Caesar, a Rottweiler, is having an important lesson. This is an off-leash training and he is also practicing to “Place” (ie, “stay”). First, he learns the command while on a leash inside our building. Next, he learns the command “off-leash”. Once he has that mastered, let’s take him out to the “real world”. After all, that’s the real test.

He’ll go through the same process when we were inside. We’ll do it with the leash on him and then we’ll see how he responds off-leash. Then, let’s take it up a notch and make the situation even more realistic. We have Duchess help with that. You’ll notice in the video, that Duchess goes out past Ceaser to chase a toy. The idea is to see if Caesar will remain in “place” with not just one but two added distractions: another dog in the area and a toy!

As you can see, Caesar did a great and learned to “place” outside with distractions, simulating a real situation he’ll more than likely face in the “real world”.

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