Dog Obedience Training For Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is a common topic in the dog training world. It could mean the dog has fear issues, aggression issues, separation anxiety, or many other symptoms. No matter what the symptom is, 99.99% is created by the dog’s environment. Dogs are products of the environment they live in and they are creatures of habit. In some rare instances, there are dogs that are wired in a certain way at birth. But for the most part that isn’t the case.

Socialization at an early age is extremely important

Dogs learn about the world around them and how to interact with their family, the two-legged and four-legged alike. Almost all dog behavior problems that dog trainers deal with on a daily basis are created when the dogs are puppies. This is because people give dogs too much freedom, too little structure, too much praise, not enough praise, etc. So to correct the unwanted behavior you have to approach the dog initially in a way to simply break the habit. Then try to create new habits that better fit the family they live with so both the dog and the rest of the family can live together mentally and physically happy.

That all starts with obedience to put the dog in a better state of mind and understand how to follow their family’s lead. The dog has to trust that the family won’t put it in a bad spot. And trust when asked to sit or lay down around something it is fearful of or aggressive towards that the family has its best interests in mind. And that it’s the best thing to do in that situation for everyone. Versus the dog responding the way it wants, which could be aggressive, fearful, or just overly excitable.

The 1% of Dogs and Dog Behavior

Some dogs are just born a certain way, they are just wired differently. A dog trainer has to be able to recognize this fact before thinking about training techniques. So, their habits and environment don’t have an effect on why they have these behavior issues. These dogs can’t be fixed and learn to enjoy time with people, dogs, other animals, etc that they were previously afraid of, aggressive towards, or just plain don’t like. This situation takes a slightly different approach. We have to teach the dog that instead of fixing habits that it has gotten accustomed to, we need to teach the dog to ignore said distraction. They won’t ever be ok with certain things because they were just born a certain way and we can’t change genetics. Again though, obedience fixes this as well.

The Training Constants Under Both Situations

All dogs respond to two things the same: structure and leadership. This applies to any dog, regardless of age, breed or temperament.  Our very, unique approach to training any dog is a combination of attention, structure and better leadership. We can guarantee 100% lifetime results with the proper expectations from the client.

We start by teaching the dog to ignore the type of distractions that are causing the problems. Then we can see if we have a dog that is a product of its environment (best case scenario, and most common). Or if we have a dog that is wired differently and we have to fight genetics. In either case, we will improve the quality of life for any dog and family. And, of course, positive reinforcement for “good behavior” is a must. That’s why we say we can train ANY dog, ANY age, ANY breed, ANY problem.

Behavior Modification Training Video

The video above shows one of our doggie students, Star. She is a three-year-old Pitbull. Her owners brought her to us because she showed very, aggressive behavior toward people. She was an example of a dog that is a product of her environment, not genetics.

We put her in our three-week Board and Train. One of our trainers, Sarah, worked with Star and within one week, Star made some great progress and was able to eventually accept people.
These are the type of results that we are able to achieve by establishing good communication with a dog right from the start. Find out more about our dog training programs and then contact us to schedule a free Training Evaluation.

Board And Train In Toledo Ohio

This is Magnus.  He’s in our two-week Board and Train, which is our Dog Training and Boarding program. After training in our facility, we talk our doggie trainees outside into the “real world”.  This puts the training into practice. In this video, we are walking through Home Depot. As you can see, he is on a leash on but I’m not holding onto the leash, which is a gradual step up. You’ll notice how he keeps looking up. He recently learned this command. He’s in a new environment, which complicates the situation. So he’s looking for reassurance and further guidance, which is normal. And Magnus is doing a great job!

Here is Magnus, he’s in our two-week board & train program. We are walking through Home Depot with no hands on the leash. He’s doing great!

This type of training activity is one of the benefits of our dog boarding programs. We have three different types of boarding. We do offer a more traditional type of boarding, but we have two other dog boarding programs that include training for dogs. Our “Board & Train” is for dogs that have not previously been through our training. This gives you the chance to have your dog stay with us overnight for one or two weeks and we train your canine. So when you return to put up your K9, they have learned some great behavioral changes that can be put into effect right away.

And for those dogs that have already been through our obedience training, we have our Board And Tune. This reinforces the training your dog has already received. Or we can go over some specific areas that you would like to have addressed. But the idea is that this is a way to reinforce those good behavioral habits through repetition.

How Our Board and Train Program Is Different

The term “boarding” is generally used to describe any type of situation in which a pet is housed temporarily. It usually assumes a place where your pet would stay overnight. But it could be used to describe as an alternative to using a pet sitter. Although many people worry about the stress placed on the animal by being put in an unfamiliar and most likely crowded environment. Fortunately, the majority of boarding places work to reduce stress for your canine. We really believe that it’s important to have as much human-dog interaction involved as possible. It’s also important for all of our boarding dogs have plenty of exercise and the chance of socializing with other dogs.

If you do any research on the internet about dog “boarding”, you may come across information about “dog kennels”, such as this: “Kennels”. Glass City K9 does not have what is considered a traditional “kennel”. The biggest difference is that most of our boarding does involve some type of training. But for those dogs that are just being boarded, we make an effort to really give them all a lot of time and attention and plenty of opportunity for playtime.

Some people ask, “What’s the difference between “pet boarding” and “pet sitting“? This is a good article describing some of the differences between the two: pet boarding and pet sitting

Dog Training And Boarding Are A Great Combination

Hopefully, this provides some clarification so you can determine if boarding and specifically, boarding your dog at Glass City K9 LLC may be right for you and your canine friend. We have dog training in Ohio in our facilities. But we have people from over the Michigan line bring in their dogs for training as well as boarding. And we also can travel to your home for training as well as our free initial Training Evaluation. Our Evaluation is always the first step for all dog owners interested in any of our programs. And keep in mind, we also have puppy boarding. We have plenty of young pups in our k9 puppy training, so yours will feel right at home as well!

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our Board and Train program, fill out the form for a Free Evaluation. We’ll be happy to set up a convenient time so that you can get all of your questions answered.

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Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive Dog Training

One of the worst problems dogs have is the aggression, towards people or other dogs. It’s obviously a problem because this can result in serious injury to anyone around the dog as well as other pets in the area. This could also result in fines to you as the dog owner as well as possibly having the dog “put down”.

Aggressive Behavior In Dogs Can Be Fixed

This type of aggressive behavior must be controlled, and it can be in a humane, calm way. We know because aggression is one of the behavioral problems in dogs we commonly correct in our training classes. Glass City K9 trainers work with dogs at whatever stage they may be at and our trainers bring them along with very positive results. Our personalized training helps each dog depending on what they need. It could be they have a fear that can be a type of problem that creates this aggressive behavior.

Our goal is to get your pet in the best behavior in the shortest period of time. Our training staff is able to correct any type of behavior so they can certainly be considered trainers for aggressive dogs.  Your dog will soon be able to be in the company of other people and pets. And the signs of aggression will be in the past.

Dog Training For Aggression

You’ll see “before” and “after” behavior of dogs that started out being very aggressive in the videos on this page. Many of our clients who have had aggressive dogs tell us, “they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked” and the aggression still exists. We like to show the successes we’ve had with dogs who are family pets but just had aggression as their main characteristic. This bad behavior is uncomfortable bad for the owner. But dogs just aren’t in a good, playful state of mind so they suffer as well. So, you can say, they’re actually reaching out for help.

Our dog training solves this aggressive dog behavior problem. The result is a win-win situation for the dogs as well as their owners. You can find out more about aggression in dogs in this article about dog aggression.

Reactive Dog Training

“Reactive” behavior is sometimes confused with aggression but they are different. A reactive dog is usually triggered. This is usually when something introduced to its environment. It could be when they see someone or comes across another animal that stimulates a “reaction”. That’s the key: they react in a way that’s uncommon to their typical behavior. Reactive behavior is usually shown as “hyper” or overly active. This could be excessive barking or jumping, etc. So it is different than aggressive behavior.

Each is treated as separate behavioral issues. So, we do have “Reactive Dog Training” that corrects that behavior that’s triggered. This is why the first step to any of our training is an Evaluation. We can understand exactly what problems your dog needs to have corrected. And we can be sure of what you want to have as an end result. This ensures that the relationship between you and your dog the best it can possibly be.

We can help If you have an aggressive dog that is showing signs of bad temperament. We know what to do and our track record speaks for itself. If you would like to find out more about our dog training classes, call us. Or just sign up for a Free Dog Training Evaluation. This will give us an opportunity for us to meet you and your pet doggie. And you can decide for yourself if our aggressive dog training will give you the help your canine needs.

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Dog Obedience Training Classes

Dog Obedience Training Classes

This video is an actual training class with one of our dogs, Jax, a beautiful Golden Retriever. This is a private class but our student dog is getting some help from some of his canine friends. This type of dog obedience training is to help simulate real-world situations.

A common problem that owners have in controlling their dog for basic obedience is getting their canine to obey even the most basic commands. This requires a change in behavior on the part of the dog. And you have to make sure by using repetition that your dog knows what is the best behavior that is expected.

You’ll notice that Jax does not have a leash on and our dog trainer does not make contact except as a reward along with a verbal, “Good boy”, once the command is positively completed. This helps reinforce the positive canine obedience behavior and the repetition helps the dog know what is to be expected.

Dog Training For Real-World Situations

Another dog is introduced to provide a distraction. How many times have you walked your dog on the sidewalk or in a park and when another dog or even a stray cat approaches your dog goes completely out of control? That is what Jax is being trained for in this dog training class. It’s important that your pet obeys your commands at all times and not just the ideal situation in a controlled environment. This training class is being conducted in our school. We’ll have similar dog training classes outside. This will help to make the canine obedience training even more realistic when he’s ready for that phase.

Our dog training program is designed to teach dogs obedience in a positive manner.  And this applies whether have an older dog or a new puppy. Each class is set up to teach the basic commands to more advanced training very quickly but effectively.

Our dog obedience training focuses on the problems the pet owner wants to address. Our classes are unique because our dog trainers take the time to help the dog owners take the training to another level. This is part of the services that our canine obedience training provides.

Get Our Training Information

Get more information about our dog training services in the Toledo Ohio area. And be sure to get information about our Board and Train program. Visit our website page about Dog Training. Reach us by filling out a contact form and we’ll be happy to schedule a time for a free Training Evaluation. This will also give you a chance to meet some of our dog trainers. You can also let us know what behavior issues your dog has that you’re concerned about. Contact us today and find out for yourself if our classes are a good fit for you and your canine. We look forward to training your dog. We’re confident we can help you with your goal of having a well-trained dog.

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Off-Leash Training With Caesar

Off-Leash Training With Caesar

Caesar Learning How To Place During Off-Leash Training

In this video, Caesar, a Rottweiler, is having an important lesson. This is an off-leash training and he is also practicing to “Place” (ie, “stay”). First, he learns the command while on a leash inside our building. Next, he learns the command “off leash”. Once he has that mastered, let’s take him out to the “real world”. After all, that’s the real test.

He’ll go through the same process when we were inside. We’ll do it with the leash on him and then we’ll see how he responds off-leash. Then, let’s take it up a notch and make the situation even more realistic. We have Duchess help with that. You’ll notice in the video, that Duchess goes out past Ceaser to chase a toy. The idea is to see if Caesar will remain in “place” with not just one but two added distractions: another dog in the area and a toy!

As you can see, Caesar did a great and learned to “place” outside with distractions, simulating a realistic situation he’ll more than likely face in the “real world”.

To find out more about our Dog Training, go to

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