One of the worst problems dogs have is aggression, towards people or other dogs. It’s obviously a problem because this can result in serious injury to anyone around the dog as well as other pets in the area. This could also result in fines to you as the dog owner as well as possibly having the dog “put down”.

Aggressive Behavior In Dogs Can Be Fixed

This type of aggressive behavior must be controlled, and it can be in a humane, calm way. We know because aggression is one of the behavioral problems in dogs we commonly correct in our training classes. Glass City K9 trainers work with dogs at whatever stage they may be at and our trainers bring them along with very positive results. Our personalized training helps each dog depending on what they need. It could be they have a fear that can be a type of problem that creates this aggressive behavior.

Our goal is to get your pet in the best behavior in the shortest period of time. Our training staff is able to correct any type of behavior so they can certainly be considered trainers for aggressive dogs.  Your dog will soon be able to be in the company of other people and pets. And the signs of aggression will be in the past.

Dog Training For Aggression

You’ll see “before” and “after” behavior of dogs that started out being very aggressive in the videos on this page. Many of our clients who have had aggressive dogs tell us, “they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked” and the aggression still exists. We like to show the successes we’ve had with dogs who are family pets but just had aggression as their main characteristic. This bad behavior is uncomfortable bad for the owner. But dogs just aren’t in a good, playful state of mind so they suffer as well. So, you can say, they’re actually reaching out for help.

Our dog training solves this aggressive dog behavior problem. The result is a win-win situation for the dogs as well as their owners. You can find out more about aggression in dogs in this article about dog aggression.

Reactive Dog Training

“Reactive” behavior is sometimes confused with aggression but they are different. A reactive dog is usually triggered. This is usually when something is introduced to its environment. It could be when they see someone or come across another animal that stimulates a “reaction”. That’s the key: they react in a way that’s uncommon to their typical behavior. Reactive behavior is usually shown as “hyper” or overly active. This could be excessive barking or jumping, etc. So it is different than aggressive behavior.

Each is treated as a separate behavioral issue. So, we do have “Reactive Dog Training” that corrects that behavior that’s triggered. This is why the first step to any of our training is an Evaluation. We can understand exactly what problems your dog needs to have corrected. And we can be sure of what you want to have as an end result. This ensures that the relationship between you and your dog is the best it can possibly be.

We can help If you have an aggressive dog that is showing signs of bad temperament. We know what to do and our track record speaks for itself. If you would like to find out more about our dog training classes, call us. Or just sign up for a Free Dog Training Evaluation. This will give us an opportunity for us to meet you and your pet doggie. And you can decide for yourself if our aggressive dog training will give you the help your canine needs.

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