This video is an actual training class with one of our dogs, Jax, a beautiful Golden Retriever. This is a private class but our student dog is getting some help from some of his canine friends. This is to simulate real-world situations.

A common problem that dog owners have in controlling their pet is getting their canine to obey even the most basic commands. This requires a change in behavior on the part of the dog. And that requires repetition so that your dog knows what is the best behavior that is expected.

You’ll notice that Jax does not have a leash on and our dog trainer does not make contact except as a reward along with a verbal, “Good boy”, once the command is positively completed. This helps reinforce the positive behavior and the repetition helps the dog know what is to be expected.

Training Dogs For Real-World Situations

Another dog is introduced to provide a distraction. How many times have you walked your dog on the sidewalk or in a park and when another dog or even a stray cat approaches your dog goes completely out of control? That is what Jax is being trained for in this dog training class. It’s important that your pet obeys your commands at all times and not just the ideal situation in a controlled environment. This training class is being conducted in our school. We’ll have similar training classes outside to help make the training even more realistic when he’s ready for that phase.

Our training program is designed to teach dogs, whether it’s an “old dog” or a new puppy – obedience in a positive environment. Each class is set up to teach the basic commands to more advanced training very quickly but effectively.

Our obedience training focuses on the problems the pet owner wants to address. Our classes are unique because we take the time to help the dog owners take the training to another level. This is part of the services that our training provides.

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