In this video, Caesar, a Rottweiler, is having an important lesson. This is an off-leash training lesson and he is also practicing to “Place” (ie, “stay”). First, he learns the command while on a leash inside our building. Next, he learns the command “off-leash”. Once he has that mastered, let’s take him out to the “real world”. After all, that’s the real test.

Off-Leash Training – Learning How To Place

He’ll go through the same process when we were inside. We’ll do it with the leash on him and then we’ll see how he responds off-leash. Then, let’s take it up a notch and make the situation even more realistic. We have Duchess help with that. You’ll notice in the video, that Duchess goes out past Ceaser to chase a toy. The idea is to see if Caesar will remain in “place” with not just one but two added distractions: another dog in the area and a toy!

As you can see, Caesar did a great and learned to “place” outside with distractions, simulating a real situation he’ll more than likely face in the “real world”.

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