Best Things to Do in Maumee, OH

There are numerous beautiful attractions and sites found near whispering timbers apartments. You can visit all the great attractions and even try the delicious restaurants and endless fun irrespective of the day. Here are some of the things to do or places to visit. Learn information about Toledo, OH.

Visit the Side Cut Metropark

There are numerous activities that you can do here. They include fishing, playground, picnicking, hiking on the trails, sledding in winter, and even paddling. You can kayak or fish around Silver lake. This is an awesome escape from the noisy town life and a stunning place to relax as you enjoy the moment. Discover facts about Top Fun Things to Do in Perrysburg, OH.

Walk or run on the trails and make sure you visit several times to exhaust all these activities. 

Maumee Valley Historical Society & the Wolcott Heritage Center

The Maumee Valley Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of the Maumee Valley for future generations. Established in 1982, the non-profit organization works for teaching the public about the region’s rich past by collecting and preserving artifacts related to the area and telling the stories of its people and institutions. The Society is based out of the Wolcott Heritage Center in Maumee, Ohio. As home to a unique collection of county archives and artifacts, the Wolcott Heritage Center is a symbol of preserving the goodwill, creative, and innovative spirit of the Maumee Valley and its people. Through tours, lectures, and various events, the Heritage Center encourages historical appreciation and education.


Known for its annual “Walleye Run”, attracting thousands of fishing enthusiasts from across the country every year.

Farnsworth Metropark offers kayak rentals

The Shops at Fallen Timbers

Fallen Timbers Monument commemorating the Historic Battle of Fallen Timbers
4949 N Jerome Rd, Maumee, OH 43537