Have a World-Class Dining Experience in Toledo, OH

When it comes to fine dining, you can get a wide variety of choices in Toledo. Whatever you may want to eat, the city offers multiple choices for you in different restaurants. Learn information about Toledo, OH.

Here are the top choices of where to eat. 

Tony Packo’s Café

Tony Packo’s Café has been serving customers authentic Hungarian food in the Toledo area since 1932. The restaurant offers a delicious selection ranging from sweet hot pickles to the signature Packo’s chill hot dog. Some of the favorites on the restaurant’s menu include chicken paprika, dumplings, and stuffed cabbage. The atmosphere is comfortable and calm. Discover facts about Toledo, OH, is a Home to Museums.

The walls of the restaurant are lined with plastic-encased hot dog buns that are signed by famous visitors to Tony Packo’s. There are currently five locations in the Toledo area that you can visit. 

Maumee Bay Brewing Co

Maumee Bay Brewing Co is the original craft brewery in Toledo that was established in 1995. The restaurant is located under the high-level bridge and features tasty beers and ciders. The restaurant features a broad sandwich selection that you can enjoy as you take your beers. Other meals you can try include waffle fries, cheeseburgers, chili cheese fries, fried pickles, bar snacks, and more.