Must- Visit Museums in Toledo, OH

Most tourists overlook Toledo, OH, but the town is a truly hidden gem. It is home to docklands and riversides on the edge of the Great Lakes. Besides, you can find some of the best wild urban parks and highly-acclaimed museums that are worth visiting. This post points out some of the best museums in the town. Learn more here.

Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo Museum of Art is the go-to place to explore totemic works. Here, you can seek out classic masterpieces and a collection of over 30,000 objects. Museum admission is free, but you pay a few bucks for parking. Learn more about The Best Festivals in Toledo, OH.

National Museum of the Great Lakes

If you have never been to a maritime museum, then Toledo, OH, has you covered with the National Museum of the Great Lakes. It features exhibit galleries and an outdoor maritime park. A museum volunteer can help you understand details about the museum to make the visit worthwhile.

Living Science-The Ever-Changing Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

The museum houses a beautiful 3D display of known chemical elements. You can explore various apps related to the periodic table and see how the display changes with time. In addition, you can listen to stories about the elements of labor law, cosmetics, smoke detectors, and art & history.