Exciting Things to Do in Waterville, OH

Waterville, OH, is a small, new, lovely tourist destination worth visiting. While Waterville, OH might not be as popular as most American towns, it still offers a lot. Additionally, you may be shocked by the amazing activities and places you can explore in this underrated destination. Further facts about Toledo, OH can be found here.

If you are planning to visit the US but you don’t know where to begin, continue reading. We have compiled some of the exciting things to do in Waterville, OH. Read about Top Things to Do in Monclova, OH here.

Wood county historical museum 

Practical historical displays with more than 30 rooms in the old asylum highlight Ohio and local history. The place features numerous free, family-friendly activities and programs for kids. 

Silver lining Gallery in Waterville, OH

Silver lining Gallery in Waterville, OH, is one of the best places to find unique art pieces. The Gallery showcases artworks intertwined with both old-world and new-world techniques. The Gallery has something for everyone, from oil paintings to watercolor works and pastels. The Gallery features a collection of pieces representing various subject matter and styles. Visitors can browse multiple artworks depicting landscapes, symbolic designs, abstract lines, and other objects. With its emphasis on creativity and exploration, the Gallery offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to appreciate the wide range of styles in which art can be expressed.

Waterworks Park in Waterville, OH

Waterworks Park in Waterville, OH, is a family-friendly destination for outdoor fun. Set beside the scenic Maumee River; the park also features several well-maintained walking trails and a picturesque fishing spot. With lush greenery, picnic pavilions, and two kid-friendly playgrounds, this park is ideal for birthday parties and family gatherings.

Home of the Roche de Boeuf Festival, held annually in downtown Waterville, OH

Baer Park

Conrad Park